DVLA Contact Phone Number

0872 164 0033

Looking for DVLA freephone number for Customer Services? Call 0300 790 6802 or ring DVLA contact number 0872 164 0033 . Get fast DVLA support for driving licenses, logbook, road tax, vehicle registration & complaints .

Calls cost £0.7 per minute plus your providers access charge. You must be at least 18 years of age and be the bill payer or have the bill payers permission to use this service.

Contact DVLA Personalised Registrations,

Do You Need the DVLA number?

Use this dvla contact number if you have enquiries about:

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When to contact DVLA?

This website will give you the information you need to call DVLA. Here, you will find direct & up-to-date contact information and telephone number to get in touch with the relevant department.

DVLA  Opening Hours
Day     Opening Times
Monday     08:00 to 19:00
Tuesday     08:00 to 19:00
Wednesday     08:00 to 19:00
Thursday     08:00 to 19:00
Friday     08:00 to 19:00
Saturday     08:00 to 14:00
Sunday     CLOSED

It can take a few weeks to process Vehicle tax and SORN applications. Wait for the processing time before contacting DVLA.

Type of application Processing time
Change of address 4 weeks
Change of vehicle details 4 weeks
Change of registered keeper 6 weeks
Confirmation you’ve sold your vehicle 4 weeks
Put on, take off or keep a private registration number 2 weeks

DVLA Vehicle Enquiries

You will need to contact the DVLA if you wish to book a theory test or decide to declare your car as off the road with a SORN.

Require assistance with payment of vehicle tax or the making of a SORN or ask for assistance with regard to log books or the V5C certificates, contact the DVLA Swansea phone number for assistance with your vehicle and driver registration. If you are experiencing issues with your driver licence or your application to obtain one, then you can contact them for more information.

If you are suffering from a medical problem, you must check with the DVLA if it is one of their listed conditions of concern, where the ability to drive may be affected. Conditions listed by the DVLA include visual problems and epilepsy.

Contact DVLA Personalised Registrations,

DVLA Email

you can also email the DVLA by completing the online contact form here: https://emaildvla.direct.gov.uk/emaildvla/cegemail/dvla/en/index.html

Use this email service to contact DVLA about driving licences and applications.

Northern Ireland

Contact the Driver and Vehicle Agency if you have a Northern Ireland driving licence

Contact DVLA By Post

If you prefer you contact the DVLA in writing to the below addresses depending on your enquiry.

Vehicle tax and SORN:
Vehicle Customer Services
SA99 1AR

How To contact dvla?

For general enquiries, complaints, or if you want to know anything about DVLA, make sure you have dialled DVLA customer care number 0872 164 0033. With years of experience, DVLA customer support team will calmly listen to all your queries and will provide an apt resolution to them. The team will help you in queries related to – vehicle tax, medical issues, vehicle registration, selling or buying a vehicle, health & medical conditions and much more.

DVLA Contact Number

0872 164 0033

dvla contact phone number helpline customer serviceNeed to contact DVLA with enquiries about vehicle registration?

DVLA Swansea free phone number 0300 790 6802.

dvla contact phone number helpline customer service

Get information about SORN and vehicle tax

call them on 0300 790 6802.

Contact DVLA Personalised Registrations,

Applying for DVLA Driver Licences?

Need to make changes to driver licence information or have lost your driver licence?

call on 0300 790 6801.

DVLA Contact Telephone Number,Experiencing medical issues?

contact the DVLA on 0300 790 6806.

 Contact details and numbers for DVLA Swansea

Want to speak to a DVLA representative in Welsh?

call them on 0300 790 6819.

dvla helpline contact phone number

Want to enquire about MOTs. Vehicle and Driving testing?

call the DVSA on 0300 123 9000.

For personalised registration plates, call the DVLA on on 0300 123 0883.
One of the customer service executives will assist you with your queries and prompt solutions will be provided then and there. With the help of this contact number, you don’t have to go through the regular hustle and bustle of waiting for long hours and moreover you will be connected with the customer support team in an easy manner.


About DVLA

Located in Swansea and headed by Mr. Oliver Morley, DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) is responsible for maintaining the registration and licensing of the drivers in Great Britain. They also carry out registration and licensing of the vehicles, along with the collection and enforcement of VED (Vehicle Excise Duty) in the UK.

With the help of these details and information, DVLA is in a better position to make significant improvements in road safety, limit vehicle tax evasion, offer a support to the environmental projects, and reduce the vehicle-related crime.

DVLA is mainly responsible for –

  • Selling DVLA personalised registrations
  • Recording driver endorsements, disqualifications, and medical conditions
  • Providing anonymised data to all those who enjoy the right to use the service
  • Taking enforcement action against the people who evade vehicle tax
  • Assisting the police and intelligence authorities to deal with crime and antisocial elements
  • Issuing vehicle registration certificates to the vehicle owners
  • Issuing photocard driving licences
  • Registering and issuing tachograph cards

If you want to know anything about the vehicle registration or maybe you have tax enquiries, you can get in touch with DVLA contact in London at 0872 164 0033.

You can use this number to contact DVLA if you want to enquire about your driving licence, purchasing or selling of the registration plates, there are changes in the medical conditions and penalty points, want to update your records following the sale or purchase of the vehicle, want to report untaxed vehicles, have queries related to car tax disc, want to report about the lost licence, and much more.

By dialling DVLA contact number 0872 164 0033, you get to talk to one of the customer support advisers who will take your call and listen to all your queries patiently and will offer a solution to them.

The customer support team representatives are well-trained and qualified, they have complete information about DVLA, and they will be patient with your queries.

How to register with DVLA

If you have recently purchased a new car, it is important that it is properly registered with DVLA. It is against the law to drive your vehicle without getting registered. This should be done regardless of whether the vehicle is purchased locally or out of the UK. Inspection of the vehicle is important before you get the vehicle registered. In the event, you are looking to build a new vehicle or rebuilding an existing one, then also you will need registration. Make sure you have called DVLA phone number UK 0872 164 0033 to know particular requirements of your locality.

How to inform DVLA about your medical condition or disability

If you are having a valid driving licence, updating DVLA about your medical condition or disability is very important. You need to also inform the authority if you have developed a serious or notifiable medical condition or disability or whether the condition has got worse after you have received the licence.

Notifiable medical conditions are anything that hinder your ability to drive safely, such conditions are – neurological & mental health conditions, physical disabilities, epilepsy, and strokes. At times, visual impairments are also included in these conditions.

How to get V5C registration certificate 

If you have purchased a new vehicle, be it car, motorcycle, or any other vehicle, having a V5C registration certificate or logbook is important. If you are not having a V5C log book, it will be difficult for you to pay your vehicle tax. In most of the cases, you will have to apply for the certificate over the phone by calling DVLA customer service number UK 0872 164 0033. When you call at this number, the customer service executives will not only help you out with the application process but they will also answer all your queries. In case you have some changes in your personal details, it is your responsibility to update DVLA beforehand.

What is DVLA Tax contact number

If you have a car either you drive it or park it on the roads, you are liable to pay car tax. Even if you are not driving your car on a regular basis, then also you need to pay a fee also called as SORN (statutory off road notification). This will inform the authority that the car is off-road and you cannot drive it. You can request for a form on the phone by dialling DVLA customer contact number UK 0872 164 0033 or you can also apply online.

If you are no longer driving your vehicle, make sure you inform DVLA as soon as possible. If you have done this, you will not have to pay the taxes for the time your vehicle is not being used. It is also important to file this form if your vehicle is not being taxed or insured or if you are looking to break it down for parts.

What is DVLA Licence Contact Number

If you in the UK and you looking to drive, in the beginning you will need to have a provisional driving licence. You can look online for the experienced instructors near you. Once you are trained and your instructor also trust that you can now drive on your own, you can book for a test at your nearest DVLA driving test centre.

You can make your booking online and if you need any guidance related to booking a driving test, make sure you have dialled DVLA phone number UK 0872 164 0033. You will be given complete information and details, your every query will be promptly resolved.

How to calculate your vehicle tax

In order to calculate your vehicle tax, all you need is the engine size and fuel type of your vehicle. This information will entirely depend on the registration date of your vehicle. Make sure you contact DVLA customer support number 0872 164 0033 in order to gain complete information about taxing your vehicle.

You can also check this information with DVLA. If you want to have the information quickly, make sure you have V5C registration certificate. V5C is an important document that contains all the important details such as date of registration, engine size, colour of the vehicle, and name of the manufacturer, etc.

How to apply for a Provisional Driving Licence   

With the help of provisional driving licence, you can drive on the UK roads, but it is important you are being supervised by an adult or someone who is above 21 years of age and has a valid driving licence.

You can apply for a provisional licence for a car, motorcycle, a moped online. You can also dial DVLA phone number UK 0872 164 0033 or apply online for the licence. Before you actually apply for a provisional driving licence, make sure you are 15 years and 9 months old. In order to apply online, you need –

  • To be a resident of Great Britain.
  • To fulfil the minimum age and eyesight requirements.
  • To be willing to pay £34 through Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro or Delta debit or credit card, or Visa.
  • To have a valid UK passport.
  • To have National Insurance Number.
  • To have a proof that you have lived in the UK for a period of three years.

How to change the address

Using a government gateway ID, you can easily change your address. If you fail to inform DVLA about your address change, then you may be fined £1,000. Both vehicle tax Direct Debit and change in the vehicle registration should be informed to DVLA. If you still have any query or doubt, make sure you have dialled DVLA customer care number 0872 164 0033. One of the customer support executives will guide you everything about changing your address.

How to make a complaint to DVLA

If you think you have been overcharged while importing your vehicle and you seek a refund, you can get in touch with the customer support team by dialling DVLA phone number 0872 164 0033. You can also submit your complaint in writing and can send at the following address –

Complaints Team




United Kingdom

How to submit Blue Badge Application

If you have a mental or physical disability, then you are an eligible candidate for a Blue Badge permit. As a Blue Badge holder, you will have certain parking benefits while parking your car. You can even park your car in the spaces which are closer to the buildings in order to have better accessibility.

Now, are you wondering how to apply for a Blue Badge? You will have to produce the details of your disability to DVLA and the application will be sent to your local council. Once, they have received your application, it will be then their decision whether you can have a Blue Badge or not.

In case your application gets rejected, you will also be informed the reason behind the refusal and you also have the provision of asking them to reconsider. To know more about how you can have a Blue Badge, make sure you have dialled DVLA customer contact number UK 0872 164 0033.

DVLA is a public enterprise in UK that is completely in the hands of the government. Being run by the government, It is their job to make sure that the drivers in Britain have their vehicles monitored and checked on a fixed basis. When you use the DVLA freephone number meant for their customer services, you will be assisted reliably and for that  you will need to place a call to  the DVLA.

If you are currently driving or would like to be driving on public roads in the UK, then you need the permission of the DVLA, or the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. You need to get your vehicle registered and pay the vehicle tax. Before you are legally allowed to drive the vehicle, you also need to secure a driver’s licence from them. Aside from the abovementioned reasons, you can also transact with DVLA for other purposes. These include the SORN, MOTs, Driver check services and personalised registration plates.

You can contact the DVLA if you require assistance with payment of vehicle tax or the making of a SORN. You can also ask for assistance with regard to log books or the V5C certificates. If you are experiencing issues with your driver licence or your application to obtain one, then you can contact them for more information. Another important reason why you may need to contact the DVLA Swansea (free) customer help line is changes in your health.

Visit DVLA’s Official Website – HERE

What does DVLA do?

DVLA is the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. To make sure the traffic system is followed and that no vehicle is misused, it is an organisation within the Department for Transport, which mainly deals with drivers and vehicles.

Being a large enterprise they monitor a huge database, containing figures relating to all drivers and vehicles as well as being the main agency for administering provisional and full driving licences. You will need to contact the DVLA customer support if you wish to book a theory test or decide to declare your car as off the road with a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification). DVLA ensures  user friendly DVLA customer services which could be reached by dialing DVLA telephone number 8721640060. Once you are assisted by their executives, all your queries would be taken care of efficiently.

Contact DVLA about the vehicle tax

To know the tax for your car or any other vehicle that you possess, you will need to use your V11 letter. If you don’t have one of these letters then you can use your V5C logbook instead. You just need to make sure that it is in your name and no one else’s. The fastest way to get a replacement for V5 document is to call the DVLA customer care number on 8721640060.

Their customer services will also be

About Vehicle Registration

Vehicle registration is essentially evidence that you have paid taxes and fees for driving a car on public roads legally.

Vehicle registration is mandatory, when:

  1. You’ve purchased a new vehicle
  2. Built, rebuilt or altered a vehicle
  3. You’ve imported a vehicle

Depending on the circumstances stated above, you should complete the relevant application forms and send them to your local DVLA office.

Registration for new vehicles

If your vehicle is brand new, imported, a kit car, vintage, classic, radically altered or rebuilt, it may not be registered with the DVLA. Dealers usually arrange for registration when a brand new car is bought, however for all other cases, you should follow the procedure below.

able to help if you need a new keeper supplement or if you have a last chance warning letter that you need to deal with. Also, you may ask any other query if there is something that you don’t know. To contact the DVLA through phone then please call on their DVLA phone number 8721640060. It is also possible to send them information by post. To do this, you will need your V11, a V5C and a V5C/2 letters,only  if you have just bought the vehicle. In some instances, you may also need your MOT certificate and a reduced pollution certificate. To keep your vehicle on the road then you can make a SORN notification instead of getting it taxed. For further information contact their customer services.

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DVLA Phone number

0872 164 0033

Calls cost £0.7 per minute plus your providers access charge. You must be at least 18 years of age and be the bill payer or have the bill payers permission to use this service.

 To learn more about DVLA services, phone the DVLA customer service contact helpline number during open hours (8am – 7pm, Mon-Fri). 

Get all the required information on driving licence, vehicle registration/tax enquiries, car tax, blue badges or any DVLA services. Dial 0872 164 0033  to contact DVLA customer service and speak to the DVLA about your vehicle tax, changing the address on your driving licence or any other issues related to vehicle registration or personalised Registrations.

DVLA Complaints 
Complaints Team
Oliver Morley – Chief Executive: DVLA Swansea
Chief Executive’s Office
DVLA vehicle registration
Vehicle Customer Services
SA99 1AR
DVLA driver licensing help
Drivers Customer Services
Correspondence Team
DVLA drivers’ medical 
Drivers’ Medical Enquiries
SA99 1TU
DVLA driving License Checking
Driver Licence Validation Service
SA99 1AJ

 DVLA_Vehicle_Enquiry_and_Car_Tax_Handbook – Download here

Why Do You Need DVLA Customer Helpline Contact Number?

Get your vehicle taxed or know about the driving test procedures by simply calling the official DVLA customer care number is 0872 164 0033. Get to know about the status of your car’s registration plate by using DVLA phone number. We are also sharing some of the common problems that why you should contact the DVLA team. Kindly go through the points mentioned below:

  • To get a new driving licence.

  • If you’re driving licence is lost or stolen.

  • To purchase number plates.

  • For car taxation.

  • For Blue Badge permit.

  • To enquire about driving tests.

  • If you are having problems related to your “VC” registration certificates.

  • For MOT enquiries.

  • Plus many more.

Go Paperless With DVLA

Earlier, DVLA used to issue a paper copy of the driving licence along with the plastic licence that can be easily carried in your wallet. However now DVLA has abandoned the paper licence and instead of that the drivers will get a code from the DVLA website. To know more about this you can contact the  DVLA advisor and get answers to all your problems.

Paying Your Vehicle Tax

You can pay your vehicle tax with the help of direct debit. For that you need to have your bank account number, bank account and sort code in hand. Always remember that the payments will be taken on the first day of the working month but your first payment will be taken on the day your tax begins. If you face any difficulties while paying the vehicle tax, then you need to get in touch with the DVLA team through the DVLA customer service number given on this site. You can also inform DVLA if you have some financial problems.

DVLA Road Tax Contact Number

The best way to contact DVLA is via phone. We have listed phone numbers DVLA departments that will provide quick solution to your problem.

  • For Vehicle registration and “V5C” certificates:

Bought a new vehicle and want to get it registered to DVLA, call on the phone numbers mentioned below:

DVLA phone number: 0300 790 6802

Timings: Weekdays- 8 am to 7 pm.

Saturday- 8 am to 2 pm.

Write At:

Vehicle customer services,



SA99 1AR.

  • For Vehicle tax queries:

Queries regarding to vehicle tax can be asked on DVLA phone number:

What Can You Do If Your Driving Licence Is Lost Or Stolen?

There might be a sure short possibility of getting your driving licence being lost or stolen. In order to get a replacement driving licence you will require a government gateway ID. If you want to check the penalty points or to view any disqualifications, you can simply contact DVLA. You have an option to create a check code that is valid only for twenty one days. If your licence has been issued out of Wales, England or Scotland, then you cannot access this service.

Apply For A Full Driving Licence

After passing both our theory as well as practical test, you are now eligible for a full driving licence. You can expect your full driving licence to be delivered within three weeks of the driving tests. If you are having any problems, you can  either use the official DVLA phone number: 0872 164 0033 or call at the  DVLA number for driving licence queries   .

Dvla Swansea Contact Number

  • Applying Driving Licence:

Want to apply for driving licence? Call driving licence helpdesk on 0300 790 6801. Also use this number in case your driving licence is lost. Ireland customers can call at DVA (Driver and vehicle agency)  phone number

  • Medical Enquiries:

If there is any medical issue, inform DVLA on this number. Call this number from 8 am to 5:30 pm on weekdays and from 8 am to 1 pm on Saturday.

Why Do You Need To Contact DVLA Customer Service Team?

DVLA team can help you with many driving queries, some of them are mentioned  below:

  • Applying for a new driving licence.
  • In order to register your car with DVLA.
  • If you have query related to your vehicle tax.
  • Apply for a registration plate.
  • Driving licence lost or stolen.
  • Update details on your driving  licence.
  • Problems related to “V5C” registration certificates.
  • To make a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification).
  • To know about driving tests.
  • And Many more.

If you have some other query which is not mentioned above, feel free to give a call on contact number for dvla,: 0872 164 0033. Persons with certain disability can also use this number to know more about various compensations on driving licence.

Dvla change of address

In order to apply for a new licence, you have to contact DVLA licence team on 0300 790 6802. To know about vehicle theory test and declare your vehicle “off the road” via SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification), call on DVLA phone number: 0300 790 6802.

People who suffer from any medical complications and are applying for driving licence, need to inform  DVLA before hand about it. In order to renew your car tax and would like to purchase a personalised registration plate contact DVLA team on 0300 790 6802. Rather than visiting post offices, one can pay their vehicle tax over the phone or online.

Contact DVLA in any of the following cases:

  • Vehicle driving licence: To drive a vehicle on public roads, it is necessary to have a driving licence with you. People who are learning to drive can apply for provisional licence and people who have passed the driving licence test can apply for a permanent licence.
  • Blue Badge permit: This permit is for those people who are disable and have some limitations while driving. The person who is entitled for this badge gets several parking privileges such as special parking spaces are allotted and are allowed to park their vehicle on a single or double yellow lines for maximum upto three hours.
  • Car tax: It is very important to pay car tax if you are driving your car on public roads. If you are not using the car and want to keep it “off the road”, you have to pay a SORN charge.
  • Information about driving licence: In order to renew or change your driving licence, you have to contact DVLA on 0300 790 6802. The charges to apply for driving licences are as follows:
  1. For Provisional licence: Cost will be £34.
  2. If your licence is lost or stolen, you can get a new licence at  £20.
  3. Updating your personal details on your licence is free but changing photo will cost £14.

We have mentioned some of the common questions with their answers on this site. Take help from below mentioned solutions. If the problem still persists, don’t forget to call DVLA customer service phone number here

If you face issues while applying provisional licence, give a call on DVLA phone number

What documents do I have to provide at the time of DVLA driving test?

Following documents will be required at the time of your driving test:

  • “Theory test” pass certificate or confirmation document if you are not exempted from driving tests.

  • You need to have both parts of your driving licence i.e Photocard and Paper counterpart.

Didn’t receive your theory test pass certificate? Call DVLA support advisor at the number listed 

Dvla Tax Disc Contact Number

 0872 164 0033

How can I get support from DVLA at the time when my vehicle is damaged?

If your vehicle is damaged due to an accident, you need to provide following information with DVLA:

  • Vehicle registration number.

  • Provide “reference number” that is written on your updated “V5C/3” registration certificate.

  • Vehicle insurance company name and address.

After providing the above details, DVLA agent will contact you and provide you instructions of what do next.

If you didn’t get a revert from an agent, dial the DVLA phone number to get assistance.

What Is The Best Way To Contact DVLA?

If you are looking for the best and simplest way to get help from DVLA, that is contacting DVLA over the phone. Although there are other ways to contact DVLA but the phone method has been proven out to be the best method and one can easily gets connected to the official advisors.

Benefits of calling on dvla swansea phone number

  • Less waiting time.

  • The DVLA number can be easily connected from any part of the UK.

  • You can even take support on Saturdays.

  • DVLA also offers free phone numbers which is free to call from all the UK phones.

  • Plus many more.

Remove a Registration

You can apply to DVLA in order to take off the registration plate from one of your vehicles. In case if you want to transfer that registration plate on to your other vehicle, then also you can call on the DVLA number. You can also keep the registration as long as you want and for that you will pay a fee of £80 and this can be done by using the DVLA helpline number which is mentioned on this page. Call the DVLA number from 8 am to 7 pm on Weekdays and from 8 am to 2 pm on Saturdays. In case you have made a SORN and want to keep the registration plate with yourself, then also the same concept will be applied.

What Can You Do If You Are Suffering From Any Disability?

You can inform DVLA if you are suffering from any health disability or undergoing any treatment for long time. Expect the DVLA team to revert you back within six weeks of time period. If you are contacting DVLA, then you need to also call your doctor as DVLA advisors may want to get you examined. They can also take your driving test,eyesight test and on the basis of that they will assess your driving skill and other parameters. To learn more, feel free to drop a call on the DVLA’s contact number : 0872 164 0033 or call the DVLA phone number for  medical enquiries: 0872 164 0033.

Blue Badge

It is a permit that is issued to those people who are having issues related to some kind of disabilities or any movement limitations. You can also check your eligibility for blue badge. If someone is issued the blue badge, then he can enjoy the following benefits in the country:

  • He or she is permitted to use the disabled parking spaces.

  • He or she will be permitted for other parking rights.

  • The beneficiary will able to permit his or her vehicle on both single or yellow lines for up to three hours.

Purchasing a Vehicle

When you purchase your vehicle, you need to inform this about to DVLA and get your car registered. For that you will require an eleven digit reference number which must be given on your  last “V5C” registration certificate. If you want to know about the procedure for how to register your vehicle, you can always give a call on the DVLA Contact Telephone Number 0872 164 0033 or contact DVLA advisor for vehicle registration enquiries on the number: 0300 790 6802. If you or someone else is an owner, then you or that person is obliged to pay the tax before taking out the vehicle on road. If you do not want to get it taxed, then you will have to declare a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) of your vehicle. If the seller has paid the tax for that month already then the amount will be refunded to the person who is registered on the “V5C” registration certificate.

DVLA Personalised Registrations,


SA99 1DDS.  

What information can I get from DVLA regarding my vehicle?

DVLA can provide following information about your vehicle:

  • Size of the engine of your vehicle.

  • Your vehicle SORN status.

  • Current tax rate of your vehicle.

  • How much CO2 your vehicle is emitting.

  • Colour of your vehicle and the year it is manufactured.

  • Expiry date of the MOT (Ministry of Transport test).

Contact DVLA customer services department on for more assistance.

Does DVLA allow me to drive my vehicle when my driving licence has gone for renewal?

Yes you can drive your vehicle at the time of licence renewal. Make sure the following criterias are met:

  • You need to drive your vehicle under “previous licence” conditions.

  • Your renewal licence should not be more than a year old.

  • Your previous licence was not dismissed due to any medical conditions.

  • You are not disqualified from driving.

If your licence renewal is taking more time than usual, consult DVLA customer support on phone number for dvla

Vehicle Tax Rates

If you are not certain about the tax rate in 2017 for your vehicle, you can contact dvla by phone  or pay a visit to their official website to get your vehicle tax calculated. However, it will be a good move to be aware of the tax rates that are based on either fuel type or engine size and CO2 emissions – entirely depending on whether you car has registration or not. The vehicle rate, for all those cars registered prior to March 1st 2001, will entirely depend on the size of the engine. The rate for all those cars registered on or post March 1st 2001, will depend on CO2 emission and the type of fuel used by the car.

The payment of tax is not for all vehicles, there are exemption for some vehicles. The vehicles used by a disabled person are not liable to pay the tax, vehicles like ambulances don’t have to pay the taxes, powered wheelchairs, mowing machines, invalid carriages, steam-powered vehicle, electric vehicles, mobility scooters, vehicles used for forestry, horticulture purposes and agriculture like tractors, and all those vehicles manufactured prior to January 1st, 1976.

Taxing a HGV –

If you want to apply to tax a HGV, you need to fill a form V85 and it is important that you apply in person at a nearby post office that deals with vehicle tax or you can also log on to the website of DVLA. Make sure that you have carried your logbook along with you. Taxes paid for a HGV will entirely depend on the tax band of your vehicle, whether the suspensions are in good condition, and whether you have a Reduced Pollution Certificate.   

How To Make a SORN –

In the case where you don’t use your vehicle or drive it on the public roads, you can make a SORN as opposed to taxing it. However, the vehicle tax needs to be paid if the vehicle is being used on the public roads. Your vehicle will be considered to be off public property in the case where you have stored it in a garage, on a driveway or on a private property etc. If your vehicle is not taxed, you may be able to make a SORN, if it is not insured or if you are eyeing to keep your brand new car off the road.  

Note: A SORN is non-transferable from a previous owner. Moreover, it is not mandatory to make a SORN, if you have received a V11 reminder letter. A SORN can be easily made via post, online or on phone. You have the access to DVLA help, in case your require it. Your SORN will start depending on how it has been applied by you. For instance –

  • It will begin immediately, if you use your V5C reference to apply using phone or online.
  • If you use your V11 reference, it will begin on the first day of the next month while applying via phone or online.
  • It will begin on the date mentioned on your application form if you apply through post.  

When you have made a SORN, you will get your vehicle tax refund for any full remaining months. A SORN will last until a vehicle tax has been applied again, you have sold your car or you permanently export it. It is important for the vehicle to stay in the UK, for your SORN to be valid. You don’t have to do anything in case you are interested in renewing or want your SORN removed.

Aside from private roads, you are permitted to drive a vehicle, with a SORN, on public roads. Make sure you don’t drive a vehicle, with a SORN, on public roads as if caught, you will have to face the court prosecutions and you will have to pay a fine of up to 2,500 pounds. In order to know more about the laws, contact DVLA.

What to do in case of Dvla car tax cancellation?

If your car is no longer on the road, stolen, exported or written off, or you sold it off, you can cancel your tax by dialing the contact number of DVLA to inform them. You will then get refund for any full months of the tax that is remaining. If any of these changes are being made to your vehicle, then you may require to change your tax class. Any changes being done to the fuel type, car’s weight, engine size, number of seat should be reported.

In order to gain more information about a change in the vehicle tax class, make sure you call the DVLA customer service number. You also have to check if your vehicle has up-to-date tax or it has been claimed SORN (off road) online. Your car will be automatically impounded, if you haven’t paid the taxes.

Importing a Vehicle to the UK – If you want to get your car imported into the UK, you have to call DVLA number and adhere to the below mentioned rules –

  • DVLA should be contacted (about the new arrival) within 14 days after arrival.
  • VAT and duty should be paid.
  • It is important that your vehicle gets approved.
  • Get your car registered and tax the car with DVLA.

Make sure that you know that every vehicle on the UK roads is insured, this means that you also need to get your new vehicle insured. If you don’t live in the UK or if you want to bring your vehicle for less than six months, then you have to follow the Temporary Imports Rules. You can contact DVLA enquiries department, you can request a list of these rules.

Impounded Vehicle Release – There is a risk of your car getting impounded or clamped if it is untaxed. You car will also be removed from the public road, despite of having SORN. If your car gets clamped, you can contact the number given on the back of INF32 leaflet left on the windshield. The details are also readily available. If your vehicle had been removed, first you have to locate the place where it had been taken, make the need release fee, and then the receipt needs to be shown to get your vehicle back. You also have the option of paying over the phone, online or you can even do it in person at a car pound.

DVLA Licensing Procedures

– You can give a call at the DVLA number mentioned here to request if there is some change in the license information. The agency will be changing the name or gender on the driving licence. All you need to do is to send them your old driving license and an application form and any other supporting document in order to get the changes done. It is imperative that you send a recent photo to DVLA, in case you have a paper license and if want the photo to be updated in your card driving license. The driving licence application should be completed. You can also apply for your first provisional driving licence for a moped, car, or a motorcycle from DVLA online. There is a requirement for your Government Gateway ID in order to complete the application. In the case where you don’t have it, you will be provided with an ID. If you need assistance in this process, you can approach the dvla customer services  

You can also request for the addition of higher categories to the driving licence by contacting DVLA customer services. With the help of the agency, a request can be put forward that a higher category needs to be added to your licence, and you are entitled to lower categories automatically if you manage to pass a higher category driving test. This can only be done when you have the right entitlement on your license.

Licence Re application & Renewals – You have the provision for reapplying for a driving license following a medical condition. A letter will be issued by DVLA customer service in case your license is taken away or surrendered or your application has been refused. You will be informed whether you need to wait prior to receiving a new license. The agency will also check with the physician whether or not you are fulfilling the medical standards for driving prior to reapplication. Both for car and motorcycle license, you need to fill a D1 application form and you have to send it along with your medical condition form to DVLA.

If you are a valid UK passport holder, you can get it renewed online with DVLA. This application can also be done via Government Gateway ID. At the time of renewal, you have the option of changing your photo on the driver licence. To update your photo, you have to renew your full or provisional driving license. After the completion of the process, a new licence will be given to you. DVLA also enables you to complete and submit the application online, but for that you need to have a valid UK passport and want to use your passport photo.

List Of Some important DVLA FORMS:

  • Dvla Form Cn1 – Report Your Medical Condition

  • Dvla Form V890 – Statutory Off Road Notification (Sorn) 

  • Dvla Form V940

  • Dvla Form V765 – Register A Vehicle Under Original Registration Number 

  • Dvla Form V10  – Application For Vehicle Tax

  • Dvla Form V996 – Application For De-registration

  • Dvla Form V112 – Declaration Of Exemption From Mot 

  • Dvla Form V62 – To Get A Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5c

  • Dvla Form D1 

  • Dvla car tax Form V10 

  • Dvla Form V317 

  • Dvla Form D4

  • Dvla Form Tax Refund V14

  • Dvla Forms V888

  • Dvla D2 Form

DVLA Policies

– The agency gets involved in various key areas of transport including –

Road Safety: Prevention of deaths and serious injuries is the core task of the agency. They are more concerned about the improvement of the driving skills, knowledge and attitudes via campaigns like ‘Think’. The main aim of the agency is ensure that the vehicles are rightly licensed and safe. They bring in laws to make the roads safer for everyone. You can call DVLA swansea number to know more about the safety initiatives.  

Freight Transport: The agency functions to ensure that the goods are moved safely in the UK and abroad. The main motive is to assist in the transportation of the goods at affordable costs while ensuring minimal impact on both environment and communities.

Transport Emissions: The transport sector is responsible for a quarter of the UK greenhouse gas emissions. DVLA is making their best efforts to cut down the emissions via promoting the public transport choices, supporting the market for innovative forms of transport and encouraging a much cleaner and lower carbon vehicles.  

Medical Conditions, Disabilities, and Driving

– It is important to contact DVLA, if you have a driving licence and you have developed a certain disability and medical condition. The drivers will also have to contact DVLA  , if the disability or the condition has gotten worse since the time the licence was received. The agency explains these conditions to be an hindrance in driving safely, but DVLA customer services can be contacted requesting a specific list having the conditions.

Bereavement Procedure – In the case the driver has passed away, the driving licence and the registration certificates (V5C) of the individual can be sent to DVLA. A letter should be included with the documents mentioning the relationship with the deceased person, the date of the death, name, address and date of birth. Make sure that the original death certificate is not sent. In the case you don’t have V5C, you can send only the letter and the pertinent information. You can contact DVLA phone number to have additional information.

DVLA Governance – The agency also has a board that is led by a non-executive chair, and their members are chief executive and functional directors. In addition to these, three non-executive members are also being appointed. The board also have the responsibility to overlook strategic and business activities. In order to contact a board member, you can dial DVLA phone number.

DVLA on Equality and Diversity – The agency ensures that the government’s policies related to equality and diversity is implemented. The main aim of DVLA is to assist the customers follow the regulations related to the road safety. They make sure that the services and the information, offered by them, are easily accessible with the flexibility to provide the current upgraded customer service as a digital service provider.  

DVLA Energy Use – DVLA mainly strives for monitoring and cutting down the energy consumption, costs and carbon emissions. It has more than 40 sites which use near about 28.3-gigawatt hours on a daily basis. Majority of their consumption is from the main site in Swansea, where near about 5,000 people work. IT sector and its printing facilities consumes most of the energy. Since 2001, DVLA has kept its accreditations to ISO 14001. Some of its major energy management initiatives comprise of.

  • Encouraging the contractors and the suppliers to make improvements in their environmental performance.
  • Using automatic meter readers in order to identify unnecessary energy usage.
  • Following the greening movement commitments.   
  • DVLA telephone number can be called to have additional information.

You can call DVLA telephone number to have additional information.

Physical Adaptations to Your Vehicle

– If you are one of those people with mobility issues, hearing impairment, special needs then you have to make adaptations to your vehicle. You have to obtain independent assessment of what adaptations that are required by Forum of Mobility Centres.  

Following are some of the questions you will be answered for your particular requirements –

  • What are the safety precautions for my mobility equipment?
  • What adaptations I need if I am on a wheelchair?
  • What is the best method of loading my wheelchair into my vehicle?
  • How will the adaptations going to affect my passengers?
  • How does my age influence my driving skills and what should be done in order to improve them?
  • How can I have the postural support for sitting comfortably in my vehicle?

If You Are Required To Stop Driving

– Unfortunately, there are certain instances where you may even have to stop driving. If DVLA takes this decision then they will inform you the reasons behind taking this decision. The stoppage might be temporary in nature and they will inform you that you can reapply. You will be provided a chance to appeal DVLA’s decision if you think that the decision is not justified. You can contact the customer support to know about the appeals information. If your licence has been taken away due to some medical condition, then reapplying for your licence will require prior approval from your physician. As per the law, if you are needed to stop driving permanently then you have to surrender your licence to DVLA.

Transport for Non-Drivers

– If you are not allowed to drive by any reason, don’t worry as there are many other available options for you. DVLA customer service will make you aware of all these options. The UK want to assist all those individuals who are being deferred from driving because of some medical condition. You can apply for a disabled bus pass for your local community. Majority of the communities offer door-to-door transport. You can also apply for a disabled person’s railcard if you are wheelchair-bound. You can even apply to get a disabled person’s railcard, even if you are in a wheelchair. There is a special provision to provide extra space, who are in wheelchairs, while traveling by train.

You also enjoy the right to seek assistance while traveling by plane. Your caregiver or assistance dog will be provided accommodation but for that you need to inform the airline 48 hours before you take off. Many taxis and private hire drivers should also provide wheelchair assistance and provide extra space for the guides or assistance dogs. Taxi drivers should make necessary adjustments seeing your physical inability and by law, they cannot discriminate on the basis of your inability.

Although, DVLA customer services will do the needful in order to assist the disabled, notification is needed whenever the disability takes place. There are chances that this may occur when you apply your first licence or while renewing it. You can call DVLA help line number if you have any query regarding health issues and want to know about the impact that it will make on your driving.

Checking Your Own Driving Licence Information

The drivers can also check their personal information via DVLA Customer Service Contact Number. By contacting DVLA , the drivers in the UK can have a look at their driving record, disqualifications,check the penalty points and form a licence check code in order to share their driving record with someone else.  This service is only exclusive for all those who live in England, Scotland and Wales. It cannot be used to check the licensing application process.

In order to check your own driving details, you need to have your driving licence number, you postcode and National Insurance number before you make a call at DVLA number. This particular service cannot be used to request information on someone else’s behalf until they have given you the permission to do so. If you have created an account, a self-check can be done on Gov.uk website. A self check can be done via calling DVLA contact phone number.

Requesting Vehicle Information

– Vehicle details might be required in some cases instead of driving licence details. Get in touch with DVLA to find more about the information that DVLA has regarding the vehicle. Make sure that you are aware of the fact that the make and registration number of the vehicle is required if you are requesting for the information. Drivers can request following types of vehicle related details –

  • Engine size of the vehicle.
  • Tax expiration date of the vehicle.
  • Expiration date of MOT.
  • Tax rate of current vehicle.
  • Colour of the vehicle.
  • First Recorded Date of Registration.
  • CO2 emissions details.
  • Current status of SORN.
  • Manufacturing year of the vehicle.

At the moment, DVLA provides two options if you want to put forward a request. One of them is new and the other one is quite an old version. Both these options can be used in order for making a request for any of the information that is mentioned above. You can also choose to call at DVLA contact phone number for requesting the information. However, there will be some information that will not be provided via phone.

You can check the MOT history of your vehicle. The main purpose to do this is to check whether MOT certificate is real by cross-checking its details against the recorded details. In order to do a check of this type, you require two things – registration number plate and the make of the vehicle. Before you dial the dvla telephone number make sure you know that you can have the test results from 2005 onwards.

DVLA Driving & Medical Issues

– There are particular requirements by DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) in the United Kingdom for all the new licence seekers or those who are looking to renew it. At the time of application, one of the key things that is required is the reporting of any medical conditions. Some people may have issue with this, but it is needed by the law. If you overlook telling about your medical condition, you can also be fined and you may be prosecuted if your disability leads to an accident.

I Have A Personalised Registration Plate; Can I Take It Off And Put It On A Certificate

– If you want to take your plate off your vehicle, for that you need to apply and it is quite easy. When you have done it online, you will get to learn as how to take off the plate and how it can be applied to another vehicle. If you want to do it again, you can easily do it online also and you need to get a V778 so it becomes easier to do so. Your V778 is valid for ten years.

How Do I Contact The DVLA About A Registration

– If you want a registration number, for that you have to contact by calling the dvla. The line remains open from Monday to Friday and you can also write to them. They will revert back as soon as they can.

Whether you are facing issues with your registration or you want to pay the road tax, you can get in touch with DVLA. The DVLA is also on Facebook, they are very quick in giving responses for your messages. But, if you want quicker response, you can give them a call as it takes lesser time than internet.

What are the medical conditions that should be reported?

Every medical condition should not be reported. The medical conditions that are considered noteworthy by DVLA and which can be an hindrance while driving and could hinder your safety on the road. There are some serious medical conditions like heart or neurological conditions or mental impairments. Then there are visual restrictions such as need to wear eyeglasses while driving are also included. You can dial Contact DVLA on phone number and you can have a list of disabilities that are notifiable.

What is the significance of reporting a medical condition?

When you report your medical report, DVLA will take some time to review your application and it is of around six weeks. During this time, DVLA will be reviewing all the things that you need to do in order to receive your driving licence, this will vary from person to person. There are possibilities that you maybe asked to contact your physician and get examined, and you might have to give a driving test or get your eyesight tested by DVLA prior to receiving your licence.

There are some conditions that take some time to review than others. In that case, you will receive a letter informing that there is an extension of time.  

Delivering Welsh Language Services

– DVLA customer service supports and offer services in Welsh language whenever it is needed. The agency promises that they will keep the public and their staff informed about their dedication and offering language equality. Customers of DVLA in Wales will be receiving services in Welsh. This comprise of offering bilingual vehicle licence discs, bilingual driving licences, bilingual vehicle registration and so on. DVLA will interact in Welsh with all those customers who have elected to correspond in Welsh.

The Review Process – When you call DVLA support for the submission of the report, the agency will initiate one of the four determinations as to the outcome of your disability –

  1. In the case where it has been found that your medical condition is particularly debilitating, you might have to surrender your driving licence.
  2. You might have to apply for a new driving licence.
  3. You might have to change your vehicle in order to include some adaptations according to your disability.
  4. There are chances that the term will be shortened so that your particular condition can be reassessed.

Make sure you know that these provisions are only for your safety. They are not made to be overly burdensome.

Seniors Over 70 Years of Age – When the seniors reach an advanced age, special provisions start to apply. At this time, DVLA number gets revised. It is important that you have rightly mentioned your age on the driving application. You should renew your licence every three years when you have reached the age of 70. It is also important that you meet the minimum standards of proper eyesight while driving. In most of the cases, renewal can be easily done online.

DVLA Driver Check Service

– DVLA provides driver check service, this allows both the prospective employers and the individuals to check the driving status of the person. In order to do this, two things are required – a check code from the driver and last eight characters of the driving licence number. The code should be used within 21 days and should be used only once. If the time period has passed or the code has been used, a fresh code can be requested.   

Ensure that you have the consent of the driver to complete the check prior to contacting dvla’s customer services. Once you have the permission, you can contact the DVLA helpline on phone number to submit the request. You can call on weekdays from 8am to 7pm and on Saturday from 8am to 2pm. The check code is only required for the online requests. However, the permission of the driver has to be there prior to the phone check gets done.   

In order to request for a phone check you should first ask the driver on which you are doing the check to phone DVLA number. For all those who are looking to complete this process using fax, contact DVLA. As it is the task of the representative to provide the instructions and a fax number in order to submit the required information. You also have the facility of check service that can be sent via post. The driver is required to complete the form D888/1 for the completion of the process via post. In order to request a check via mail, send the filled form with a cheque or postal order of five pounds made payable to DVLA, Swansea’ to Driver Licence Validation Service, DVRE 5, DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AJ.

Information about Registered Keepers – If you wish to request details about the current or previous registered keeper of any vehicle, you can contact DVLA. It is important that you have a reason for the request. For instance, you might want to know who owns abandoned vehicle or who is the person who is responsible for causing the accident. Other reasons comprise of violations like illegal parking, insurance fraud, driving off with paying for it, etc.

You can call at DVLA phone number 0872 164 0033 and ask about the form V888, while the companies require V8882 and issues related to parking charges will require V8883. For more details, you can call contact the telephone number of DVLA .

DVLA Welsh Language Enquiries

– If you are doing public business in Wales, the DVLA strives to equal recognition to English and Welsh languages, which also comprise of DVLA phone number.0872 164 0033  The key aim of DVLA is to make improvements in the road safety in the UK. In order to fulfil this goal, the agency ensures holistic and right registers of the drivers and vehicles, ensuring that they are accessible to the people who  have the rights to have them.

All written responses to Welsh language speakers, including responses to e-mails and letter mail will be produced in same language. A form or informative leaflet will provided in the Welsh language if said document is directed at the general public.

DVLA Driver Enquiries – Driver enquiries such as ordering forms online from DVLA, accessing information related to driving license, tracking of the driving license application, changing your name on the driving license, or replacing a stolen or damaged license can be made via calling DVLA customer service number.

DVLA Medical Enquiries Contact Number – To inquire about the medical and driving issues for motorcycles or cars, you can contact DVLA medical centre by contacting DVLA’s contact number listed here. You can inquire about your options on varied issues such as some disability or medical condition, telling DVLA about your health conditions and the complete process of reapplying for the license after getting a medical checkup done.

DVLA Number – To ask queries regarding the medical and driving problems for lorry, bus or coach, you can contact DVLA medical group on the DVLA helpline number 0872 164 0033. You will have the provision of having a discussion with the expert on such issues.

DVLA Driving License and Driver Check Enquiries Telephone Number – If you are a car hiring company and you want to cross-check the license of someone who is hiring your car, first of all you need to have the permission of that driver. When you have the permission, you can give a call at DVLA driver check contact number.

DVLA Swansea Contact Number – In order to contact the customer relations department, you can call on DVLA customer services Swansea phone number. You can ask the customer services team all your queries that you have. If you are interested in making a registration for your vehicle, you can give a call on DVLA swansea contact number. 0872 164 0033 You can tell the customer care department about your choice.

DVLA Enforcement Centre Hotline – You can inform DVLA about any untaxed, abandoned or dumped cars. In order to this, all you need is to call DVLA enforcement hotline.

DVLA Courts Section Contact Number – You can reach out to DVLA courts department in order to contact DVLA courts department. You can get a duplicate license on the phone and DVLA will not officially cancer your right to drive a car. Details related to the driving and license policies can be gained via giving a call on the offered numbers. All the calls made to 0300 numbers will be charged up to 12p per minute, if you are calling from landline. If you are not then around 3p to 45p per minute will charged if you are calling from mobile phones. If you are calling from some foreign country, then the charges varies. Make sure that you have checked with the service network provider.

DVLA Online License Renewal – If your license is about to expire, then you can renew it by calling on DVLA license renewal phone number. With the help of this number, you will help in getting your license renewed online. The call may be charged at 12p per minute if you are calling from landline and around 45p per minute if you are calling from a mobile phone. If you are calling from some foreign land, the call charges might vary. Make sure you have checked with the service network provider.

DVLA Driving Test Contact Telephone Number – You can contact Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) in order to have details related to the driving tests and Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) tests.

Written Communication – DVLA customer service supports correspondence in both English and Welsh. If the correspondence is received in Welsh, then it will be responded to in Welsh and there will be no delay whatsoever. As per DVLA, the communication with Welsh drivers will be done in their desired language. If anybody desires to have a word with the agency through email in Welsh, they will be given response in Welsh.

Telephone Communication – The agency has no issues in having inquiries in English or Welsh. All that is required is to dial DVLA telephone number in order to get connected. With the help of interactive automated line, the customer will be offered services in Welsh if the customer is calling within Wales. If a customer gets connected to a non-Welsh speaking operator and want to have services in Welsh, then they will be changed to a Welsh speaking operator. If somehow, a Welsh speaker is not present immediately, DVLA customer service will promise a call back or allow you to continue the phone call in English.   

Feedback and Complaints

– DVLA customer service accept all the feedback that would prove helpful in improving their services that is being provided to Welsh speaking customers. All the feedback should be sent to Welsh Language Unit Manager. The customers can also give a call at DVLA helpline number. The support department will handle the complaints that are related to Welsh speaking services. In order to submit a complaint, DVLA phone number can be dialed Monday to Friday between 8a to 4pm.

Learning to Drive – Prior to having a driving test, it is imperative that you have taken driving lessons in order to learn how to drive. An instructor or one of your friends who knows how to drive can supervise these lessons. In order to gain details about how to become a qualified instructor, you can call DVLA support . It is important that the car that you are using for learning has a ‘L’ plates both on the front windshield and rear windshield.

Different driving schools will charge different fees for their coaching. The decision, of choosing which school is better, is totally up to you. Remember that you have checked that the instructors do have their badges displayed on their car’s windscreens. These batches actually signify that they are certified trainers from DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency). A qualified driving instructor will have a green badge and the trainees have a pink badge.

Theory Test

– As and when you are done with your lessons, you have to sit for your theory tests. You can call at DVLA contact telephone number in order to get yourself registered for the test. Make sure that you carry along your provisional driving license while making a booking for the theory test. The test will comprise of two parts – hazard perception and multiple questions. If you really want to do good in multiple-choice questions, make sure that you refer three main books mentioned below –

  • Driving – The Essential Skills.
  • Know your Traffic Signs.
  • The Highway Code.

If you are not able to find the books, you can contact DVLA 0872 164 0033.

For hazard perception test, you can purchase the official guide to hazard perception. This is a video test regarding spotting the hazards on the road. Make sure that you know that the test can only be given in Welsh, English and British Sign Language. If you want to give the theory test, you have to be over 17 years of age. This test is only for those who seek full driving license.

MOT and Vehicle Testing

– MOT is a test that encompass the standards related to the vehicle safety, exhaust emissions and things of roadworthiness. This particular test can be done at any of the authorized MOT test station. A genuine MOT test station can be recognized by three triangle blue and white coloured logo.. You can call DVLA customer service number in order to request your nearest testing location.

Book an MOT/vehicle test online

When do you need to get an MOT

– How old your vehicle is will determine the need to get an MOT. Mainly the vehicles are divided into three categories. You can make a choice from the following options or you can call at DVLA helpline number in order to request guidance.

Newly registered vehicle – For a new vehicle, MOT can be done on the third anniversary of its registration.

A vehicle more than three years old – MOT can be done by the anniversary of its last MOT.

Above mentioned rules are applicable for motorcycles with sidecars, motorcycles, three wheeled vehicles, motor caravans, goods vehicles and dual purpose vehicles, etc.

If you are driving a vehicle that does not have a MOT, then you may have to pay a fine of up to £1,000 or you can also be prosecuted. It has only two exceptions – if you are driving to or from a place for repairing reasons of your vehicle or if you are driving to an MOT test that has been arranged well in advance. If you have any query then you can contact DVLA support.

What Will be Tested in an MOT Test

– In order to gain holistic testing details, you can contact DVLA customer support. Particular testing will depend on the type of vehicle. The key purpose of MOT is ensuring safety, emission standards and roadworthiness. Although there are varied checking standards for every vehicle, but the motorcycle and car is explained. For the testing guidelines on various other vehicles, you can contact DVLA  phone number.

Testing of the car clutch, gearbox and the engine does not include in the MOT. During the test, both the functioning of the brakes and fuel system gets checked. Seat belts and lights are also checked for their right functioning. Majority of the car parts gets checked including – doors, boot and tailgate, exhaust systems and the mirrors.

Other parts that get checked are –

  • Bonnet.
  • Seats
  • Horn
  • Steering and suspension
  • Registration plates
  • Tyres, wheels and TPMS
  • Windscreen
  • Towbar
  • Electrical wiring and battery
  • Body/ vehicle structure/ general items

It is ensured that everything gets checked thoroughly. For instance, the doors are closing properly, the hinges and the catches are also rightly secured and functioning properly.

If you want to schedule testing for your motorcycle, then you can contact DVLA hotline. Ensure that all the parts of your motorcycle gets checked properly. For example, the fuel system should be checked, the throttle and the brakes are functioning properly. The clutch lever should be working in right order.

Key things of the motorcycle that needs to be checked –

  • Registration plates
  • Drive chain and sprocket
  • Wheels and tyres
  • Seat
  • Horn
  • Wheel alignment
  • Lights
  • Sidecars (if applicable)
  • Frame number
  • Exhaust systems
  • Frame
  • Footrest

What if you Lose your Certificate – In the case where you have lost your MOT certificate or damaged it, you have to contact DVLA customer service number to get a new one. However, you don’t have to appear for the test once again. In order to have the replacement certificate, locate your nearest MOT centre.  

In order to have your replacement, you will need the below mentioned information –

  • V5c vehicle registration certificate reference number.
  • Registration number of your vehicle.

When you have the above discussed information, you will be provided with a replacement certificate. At the moment, this process is not available online. It is important that you have visited authorised MOT centre. You can get in touch with your nearest DVLA customer care for added information.

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