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How To Buy & Keep A Movie Through Your Sky+ Hd Box?

Buying a movie through Sky+ HD enables you to watch movies on buy and keep a compatible Sky+ HD box. The movies you buy will be stored in the planner so that you can watch them whenever you want to. You are able to browse and access all the movies Sky have bought in My Library. This service will also be providing you with the DVD via post. So to buy a movie you need to be a Sky TV subscriber having a BUY & Keep compatible Sky+ HD box and that should be connected to your broadband network.

Follow These Steps To Order Box Office Movie Through Sky+HD Box

Step 1:

To know whether you have a Buy & Keep compatible Sky+ HD box please follow our Step by step instructions:
  • Hold down the Service button on your Sky remote.
  • Highlight Settings by using left or right arrow buttons on your sky remote and then press select.
  • Now, highlight System Details by using the right arrow button and enter the Version Number.
In case your number begins with 4F31, then you are lucky because your Sky+ HD is compatible to buy & keep service. You can also upgrade your Sky+ HD box by going through the Sky Shop
Need Help & Advice From A Sky Support Person? – Call Sky Customer Services

Step 2:

It is very easy to buy movies through your Sky Store Buy & Keep just follow these steps:
  • Hold down to the TV Guide on your Sky TV remote.
  • Navigate by using the arrow buttons to highlight Sky Store , and after that press Select.
  • In the Buy & Keep, pick the movie you want to buy.
  • Enter your Sky TV Pin in order to buy your movie when prompted.

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