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How to manage your Sky bill payment online?

The Sky users can access their latest Sky bill as well as the last 11 bills at any instance of time, by just signing into the Sky website. Before making any payment you should first understand the different features for which you are paying. Different bills are generated for the different services you are provided with.
  • Sky TV: Sky TV includes various TV subscription packages, multi screen subscription and HD.
  • Sky Broadband: All the broadband subscription packages are included under Sky Broadband.
  • Sky Talk: The call packages, sky talk line rental, and any additional call charges are included under Sky talk.
  • Sky Box office: This section of your Sky bill will include the pay per services.

Details of your Sky bill

Along with each product, you will see a Show details’ icon. Selecting this button will display the breakdown details of all the charges or credits associated with the products. It will also include all the offers and discounts. The breakdown will display at the details of all the calls made, its duration, the number, and area on which the call was made. Adding to the benefits, it also displays the national and international calls, and calls to the non geographic numbers.
Sky billing contact number
You can even set up call charge alerts for your account by signing in to your account.

Managing your Sky bills payments

Change your payment method, due date or make a payment with the My – account section. Sky calculates your bill and uploads it in 14 days advance. This feature enables you to check your bill in advance. If you are unsure of the bills, then first check all the offers that you are using and the sky call rates that may have increased within the month. Even after checking the software, if you are not sure about the bills, then call sky customer care.

Want More Help?

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