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How To Manage Your Sky+ Recording?

Giving the users, the benefit of watching their favourite shows without any time boundation, Sky enabled a way by which one can record his/her favourite shows. With just a few simple steps, you can record a particular show. All that has to be done is – select a particular programme and press the Record button. The list of the recorded shows will be displayed under planner. Read Also: Sky Multiscreen – Its Benefits & Cost?

Manage Sky+ Recordings

manage sky+ recording
So, how will you manage your sky recordings? There is nothing big in the management of your recordings. With a few synchronized steps you can manage your recordings well.
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manage your sky recordings
Read Also: Fix Sky Viewing Card Problem So, let us start with scheduled recording and playing back a recording. Once you Schedule your recording with the record button or using manual recording, the list of all the scheduled recordings will be shown in the scheduled tab. The recordings are listed by dates. For watching a particular show, just highlight it and select in the planner. The planner records the time where you leave a certain show, so that when you get back it can be resumed from the same place. Once you are done with watching a certain video, press video to reach the planner, and sky to return to live TV.

Deleting a recording

If your hard drive is overloaded with recordings and you want to put some of the Sky box recording in trash – Just press the yellow button, after selecting the recordings that you want to delete.
deleting sky+ recordings
For deleting the entire series, there are option like delete all viewed or delete all. Once you click the yellow button to delete a particular series, your confirmation will be asked to put the set of recordings in trash. Note that some of the programmes might need the Sky pin for deletion.
how to manage sky+ recordings

Restoring a deleted record

If you have deleted a recording by mistake, and want to restore the same, then there is a way out for this problem. Just follow the steps below to achieve your purpose.
  • In the Planner, highlight the deleted tab using left/right arrows and select it.
  • Among the list of deleted recordings, select the one you wish to restore.
  • Now, press the green button to restore the select recording.
  • Repeat the above process for the rest of the recordings that you want to restore.
After the restoration process the list of the recordings will reappear in the list of recorded items.

How To Record Multiple Programmes?

For Dish Input 1 and Dish Input 2, check the back side of your Sky Box. How many dish input cables are attached?
  • One Cable
  • Two Cables

Recording with one cable

If there is a single cable attach to the port or the box has only one port, then you are able to record one program at a time.
  • If you try to record the second program, then you will view the message on your screen asking if you would like to cancel the progress of your recording program, reschedule a recording list for other available programs or download the program from on demand if available.
  • If you are recording one program, then you will be able to watch another, if it is saved to your planner list or downloading through Sky Store or Sky TV on demand.

Recording with two cables

If there are two cable attach to your Sky Box, then you are able to record two programs at the same time.
  • If you try to record the third program, then you will view the message on your screen asking if you would like to cancel the progress of any of the recording programs, reschedule a recording list for other available programs or download the program from on demand if available.
  • If you are recording two shows at the same time and you will be able to watch the third program, if it is saved to your planner list or downloading through Sky Store or Sky TV on demand.

How To Set Up A Programme Reminder On Your Sky Box?

You can set a reminder for a programme by press TV Guide and then search the listings or use the NOW, NEXT & LATER banner. When you have found it, then press the Select button. You will receive a reminder on the TV screen before the programme starts.

How To Change The Disk Space Management Settings?

If the storage space of your Sky Box is low, it will automatically delete your old recordings to records new ones. You can easily change this setting to clear the disk space. You will receive a warning message on your TV screen before deleting a recording or not recorded anything new. To change the disk space management settings, follow the below steps:
change disk space management setting
  • Press “Services” on your Sky Remote, then chose the Options and then select the Sky+ Setup.
  • Highlight the Disk Space Management.
  • Now press the right or left arrow to change the setting from AUTOMATIC to MANUAL or WARNING.
  • After choosing an option, then press the Green button to save the settings. Press the Sky button to return to the normal viewing.

How To Recording Away From Your Home?

Before starting recording away from home, make sure you have your Sky ID,  Remote Record is activated and your Sky box is connected to your broadband network. You can record away from your home using the below options:
  • Sky+ App
  • Online TV Guide
  • Sky Cinema Website
  • Sky TV Email

Sky+ App

To use this remote control feature, your Sky+ Box is connected to your home broadband network.
  • Open the Sky+ app. You will see a Remote Control Icon at the right side of the top.
  • Tap this Icon to use your device as a remote control.
  • Tap on the question mark icon for further instructions.

Online TV Guide

manage your Sky+Hd Box Recording
  • Visit to the Sky’s Online TV guide on your compatible desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet.
  • If you are not Logged in, then first Login with your Sky ID.
  • Choose those shows or movies you would like to record and then select it.
  • Click on the Record button at the top of page. If you want to record the programme series, select the Record button and choose the option whether to Record Once or Record Series.
  • After that, you will see “Requested” appear on the screen next to the record logo.

Sky Cinema Website

sky online tv guide
  • Search a movie you want to watch on the Sky Cinema website.
  • At the top of a page, select download. If you want to watch the movie then click on the Watch button. If you want to record the movie then click on the Record button.
  • If the movie is not currently available, choose the Never Miss option to receive an email when the movie is available on Sky Cinema.

Sky TV Email

  • Open your Sky TV email and then click on the Record button next to the movie or show you would like to record.
  • If you are already logged in on your Sky account with your Sky id, then you will see a message “Request Successfully Sent To Your Box” in a new window. If the option to record the entire series is available, then select the Series Link.
  • If you are not logged in, you will be asked for your Sky id. You will remain login for the next 90 days and whenever you click on the Record button from your Sky TV email, then the Record will be scheduled for you.

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