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How To Set Up Sky Go app on Xbox 360?

Let’s get started with Sky go on Xbox 360!!!

Requirements To Watch Sky Go On Xbox

Set Up Sky Go app 1
  • Make sure you have a high-speed internet connection.
  • An active Sky Go subscription.
  • Xbox live account.
  • And lastly an Xbox 360 console.
Please Note: Sky Go App on Xbox 360 console is available on in United Kingdom and the Republic Of Ireland only. Related: Sky Customer Service Number

Download Sky Go App

  • Sign-in with your Xbox 360 live account on your Xbox Console.
Set Up Sky Go app 02
  • Select Apps>> Browse Apps or Search Apps.
  • Search for Sky.
Set Up Sky Go app 3
  • To download or install the Sky Go App>> select Sky App>> Download>> Confirm Purchase.
Important note: you will be directed to the Sky Website to Sign-up in case you do not have a sky subscription. Read Also: How To Get Started With Sky Go?

Simple Steps To Set Up Sky Go to Watch Sky TV On Xbox

Select App>> my apps >> Sky.
  1. Until you sign into the Sky application, you see the following choices every time you launch it on your Xbox 360:
  • Sign-in: Right after you are with signing in using your Sky ID, you will no longer be prompted to do it again unless you have deactivated the console from your account.
Set Up Sky Go app 4
  • Explore around: you have to sign in to view any programme anyhow, you can also browse the Content within the app without signing in.
  • Sign in on you Sky ID by putting your credentials in the field provided.
Set Up Sky Go app 5
  • Select a channel to watch and view it Live from TV Guide tab.
  • There are a variety of sports, films and entertainment channels available from sky which can be used to be viewed on your Sky Go App depending on your subscription.
  • If you want to watch the Live TV, please press A to see Now and Next information for current Channels and then press Y to see the information about the Content which is currently present to be viewed on Sky Go App. Press B to close the information tab.
  • You can also navigate through channels by using left and right bumpers and to select a particular tab press
  • You can set your desired picture quality by navigating to setting and choose the following options:
  • Low (600 kbps)
  • Medium (1.2 Mbps)
  • High (1.8 Mbps)
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Set Up Sky Go app 6
  • In the on demand tab you can use Sky Go App on Xbox to watch a number of TV programmes and film by using on-demand service of Sky Go. The Content is further divided into three sections:
  • Catch ups: This option consists of the latest series and sports shows from Sky channels that you are subscribed to.
  • TV Box Sets: It has the older series and other programmes from Sky channels; you can also watch contents from other channels as well.
  • Sky Movies: This option has the Variety of films from the Sky Movie Channels.
  • By using the Search tab you can search for the programmes or content based on their titles.
  • Select play to watch the programmes, movies or sports you want.
Set Up Sky Go app 7
Read Also: Fix Sky Viewing Card Problem Note>> If you set a PIN on the Sky site, you may be incited to enter the PIN when launching certain channels or on-demand Content.

How To Change The Xbox 360 Console On Which You Watch Sky TV?

If you want to watch Sky on your different Xbox 360 console, you need to remove your old console from the list of registered devices on the Sky Website and then select from Movies & TV channel on the new console. Check the below steps:
  • Go to this link and login with your Sky ID. (
  • After that go the settings and then select the Manage Devices.
  • Click on the Remove Device next to the Xbox 360 console that wants to remove.
  • Go to the Apps under your console. Select My Video Apps and then select Sky.
  • After that download the Sky application. This automatically added the new console with your Sky Go account.
Important Points:
  • You are able to register up to two devices with a single account.
  • You are able to change one device each month.
  • Only one device can be Xbox 360 console.
  • With Sky Go Extra, register up to four devices for an additional cost.
Read Also: How To Manage Registered Devices On Sky Go App?

Parental Controls

Sky Go has its own parental control settings. You can edit these by visiting through Sky Go Website. If you set to block access to Xbox Live using Xbox 360 console safety settings, then the console prompts you for the Xbox console passcode when you launch the Sky application. Microsoft doesn’t control the Sky Go parental settings and Xbox cannot assist you with these settings. If Sky Go parental controls aren’t restricting content as expected, call to the Sky support number listed here 08443 851 222 and speak to our highly professional customer service team for your queries.

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