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Income Support Customer Service Contact Number

Income Support Contact Number 0345 608 8545

What is Income Support?

Income Support is the benefit related to income for the people having low income in the United Kingdom. This is the set up basically for the low-income groups in the UK. Those who are beneficiaries of the Income Support gets assistance with health costs, housing benefits, and Council Tax benefits. If the income of a person is more than £6000, then he can claim the benefits of Income Support. But for claiming the benefits of Income Support one must have to eligible. The benefits of the Income Support started in the year 1988 and then they were introduced to the people who are living with the low income or who are not active in seeking any job. The Income Support is wonderfully managed by the team the Jobcentre Plus.
Income Support Telephone Number 0345 608 8545

Eligibility Criteria For Income Support

income support contact number
Here are parameters that will make you eligible for getting the benefits of Income Support:
  • When you come between the age group of 16 and Pension Credit qualifying age.
  • When you are pregnant or a single parent with a child having the age less than 5b years.
  • When you are not working because of your disability.
  • When your savings is less than £16,000.
  • When you don’t have any income
  • When you are working hours are less than 16 hours/week and the working hours of your partner is less than 24 hrs/week.
  • When you are doing unpaid voluntary work or when you are on paternity leave.
  • People who are living in England, Scotland or Wales. But the rules are different in Northern Ireland.
A person in full-time education and comes in the age group between 16 and 20 years and meeting the following conditions:
  • The person is not living with his/her parents or a guardian or have hostile relations with the parents or is orphaned.
  • The person is a parent.
  • The person is a refugee and is learning the English language and will receive the benefits of Income Support until the completion of the course.
  • You can always contact the Income Support Team by calling on Income Support contact number 0345 608 8545.
Income Support Number UK 0345 608 8545

Financial Support That You Will Get

income support customer service
The financial assistance that you will get with Income Support are as follows:
  • A basic payment that will be your personal allowance. For getting the personal allowance you must be more than 16 years of age and what amount you will get at which age can be known in detail by calling on the Income Support telephone number 0345 608 8545.
  • An extra payment that will be considered as premium.
  • If you are a couple, then you are eligible for getting a higher rate if either of one is responsible for a child.
  • You can also claim Income Support Premium if your partner is in prison, disables or carer.

Need To Call Jobcentre Plus Income Support

Income Support phone number can be called for many reasons, some of the reasons are:
  • For applying & claiming for Income Support benefits.
  • In case you are unable to receive your weekly payments.
  • For making changes to your existing claims.
  • For getting information about the Income Support qualifying conditions

How To Contact Income Support Helpline Number?

income support phone number
Income Support customer service is available on working weekdays like other UK governmental organization. In case of any problem or inquiry, You can call the telephone number for Income Support from Monday to Friday at the timings 8am to 6pm. Earlier this number was also available on weekends but the strict rules were imposed by the Uk government, thereby making it functional only on weekdays. On festivals also, you will not be able to contact Income Support customer services team.

How To Claim For Income Support?

Now you can download, print and complete the form and return it to the office detailed is listed on the form or your local jobs & benefits office. If you want to claim for the income support or need more information, then dialling the income support number listed here 0345 608 8545 for any help.

How Much Amount You Can Get?

Income Support is divided into two parts:
  • Personal Allowances
  • Premiums

Personal allowances

The amount for personal allowances are listed in the below table:
Type of Person                                                                         Weekly Amount
Single person aged 16 to 24 £57.90
Single person aged 25 or over £73.10
Lone parent aged 16 to 17 £57.90
Lone parent aged 18 or over £73.10
Couple with both people under 18 £57.90
Couple with one person under 18 and the other aged 18 to 24 £57.90
Couple with one person under 18 and the other aged 25or over £73.10
Couple with both people aged 18 or over £114.85


You can also get an Income Support premium. This is the extra money which is based on your circumstances, for example:
  • If your partner is a pensioner.
  • If you are a carer or disabled.
Type of Premium Weekly amount
Family £17.45
Family – lone parent £17.45
Disability – single £33.55
Disabled child £62.86
Disability – couple £47.80
Pensioner – couple £133.95
Enhanced disability premium – single £16.40
Enhanced disability premium – couple £23.55
Enhanced disability premium – disabled child £25.48
Severe disability – single rate (lower) £64.30
Severe disability – single rate (higher) £64.30
Severe disability – couple rate (higher) £128.60
Carer £36.00
If you are facing any problem, then the best way to get help is over the phone. Get in touch with Income Support customer service on phone.

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