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How To Program Your Sky Remote With Your Sky Box Or Sky TV? Step By Step (Instruct-O-Graphic)

What Is The Sky Remote Codes?

The best feature of Sky TV remote control is that it is possible to programme to work both the Sky box and Sky TV. Due to this benefit Sky customers are able to change channels on the Sky box and control the volume on the Sky TV with the same remote. This process is very simple and the same procedure apply for standard, Sky+ and Sky+ HD remotes.

Sky Customer Services Number

0844 385 1222

What Is TV Codes?

Each TV manufacturer has allocated a unique code to TV by programming that code in the Sky remote. The Sky remote can recognise that TV it’s attempting to work and these setting can be saved into the remote. The reason it’s so necessary to change the batteries in a Sky remote quickly, because once the batteries go fully dead the remote can lose its settings and may require to be programmed up to work the TV again.

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How To Tune Your Sky Remote To Your TV?

The best and easy way to programme your Sky remote control to work with your TV is to use the 4 digit brand code that is allocated by the TV manufacturer. This code is available in your Sky handbook. Another way is to use the direct code that is given to every TV.

How Do I Program My Sky Remote Control?

  • First, you will require to know the setup code of your Sky TV.
  • Press the TV button on your Sky remote control, then holds down the Select and Red button until the red light on your Sky remote blinks twice.
  • Enter your 4 digit code and then click on the Select button.

Your Sky remote is now able to control your Sky TV.

How To Reset Your Sky Remote Control?

To reset your Sky remote control – follow the given below steps.

    • Remove the batteries of your Sky remote control, then press and hold down the Select button for 30 seconds.
    • Insert the batteries again and replace the battery cover of your remote.
    • Now press the Sky button on your remote control. The red light on your remote control will blink twice.
  • After that, press the TV Guide button to bring up your Sky Guide.

Sky TV Contact Number

0844 385 1222

What Are The Other Difficulties With Your Sky Remote Control?

Before starting the process, please check the below list to identify the problem.

    • If the light on your Sky remote control no longer flashes when you press a button, then insert new batteries to see if this resolves your problem.
    • Check that your Sky TV remote is set to the proper mode. To control your Sky box, press Sky button and to control your TV, Press TV button.
    • Check that nothing is obstructing the line of sight between your Sky box and your Sky remote control.
  • Check that your TV is set to the proper output for your Sky Box.

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Which Devices I Can Control With Sky Remote Control?

Once your Sky remote is set up, you can program your Sky TV and Sky box.  With your Sky remote, you can control the following functions.

    • You can switch your TV on and off.
    • You can control the volume.
  • You can change the input source on your TV.

How To Use Sky Remote Control?

If you are not sure what the functions buttons do on your Sky Remote, then below is the basic guide to each of them.

program sky remote 1

TV :- If you have set your Sky remote to control your TV, pressing TV button to puts your Sky remote in TV mode.

Sky :- With the Sky button, sets your Sky remote to control your Sky TV.

Standby :- Using this button, switches your Sky box into Standby mode.

Guide :- Display programme guide listings.

Box Office :- Allow you to access Sky On Demand.

Services :- Allow you to manage the settings of your Sky Box.

Interactive :- This button displays the menu for Sky that allows you to manage your account, upgrade your package and find the technical support.

i :- Find more information about the programme.

Arrow Buttons :- Using these buttons, moves the highlight around the screen.

Select :- Confirm a choice and make a selection.

Ch+/-  :- Allow you to change the channel up or down.

Back :- Allow you to go back to the previous page at any point.

Help :- Take you to the preview channel where you can watch our helpful video guides.

Vol+/- :- Turns the volume up or down.

Mute :- Turns the volume off or on.

Play Buttons :- Rewind, pause and fast forward On Demand Sky programmes if you have My Sky.

Record :- Record the programme if you have My Sky.

Stop :- Return you to live Sky TV when watching a recorded programme.

Red, Green, Yellow and Blue Buttons :- These buttons help you navigate when you are in the Sky TV menu by providing you handy shortcuts.

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Steps To Program Your Sky Remote With Your Sky Box Or Sky TV

You can program your Sky remote with your Sky Box or Sky TV. You can use the Sky remote to change the input source on your TV. To tune your Sky remote with your TV, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1:

Check if your remote is fully charged or insert new batteries, if needed. Also check whether your TV and Sky box are connected to each other and are in “ON” state.

Step 2:

Turn on your TV and switch it to channel 1.

Step 3:

Press “TV” button on your Sky remote.

Step 4:  

Press “Red” and “Select” button at the same time. Wait until the red light flashes twice on top of your Sky remote.

Step 5:

Press “TV” button and “Power button” on your Sky remote repeatedly.

Step 6:

Press “Select” on your remote, once the TV has switched off.

Step 7:

Press all the buttons on your Sky remote to check if the buttons are working properly.

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Sky Contact Number

Step By Step (Instruct-O-Graphic)

How Do I Contact Sky Support?

If you are looking to get in touch with Sky, dial sky phone number 0844 385 1222 to get straight through to Sky customer service. Sky customer support is available between 9am to 10pm all 7 days a week. One of our professional representatives will take your call and will help you with your queries related to Sky TV, Sky remote, Sky box and several other Sky related services.

Sky TV Remote Codes

program sky remote 3

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