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Sky Broadband Router Settings – A Complete Guide

If you seem to have problems with your Sky Broadband then following are a brief look through it’s different setups.

Sky Router Setup

If your Sky Broadband connection is too slow or having problems then kindly go through the following steps for setting up sky router.

Your Leads

It would be helpful to see if the power leads from your Sky hub box is bunched up with your grey DSL cable or ethernet cable you might be using. If this is true then the power leads may be causing interference and thus you should untangle them into separate leads that they are.

Your TV Set

For customers who have Plasma screen television set at their homes you need to keep your Sky hub box at least 3 metres from your Plasma television or else it may interfere with the signal.

Your Microfilters

In order to get the best out of your Sky hub box your microfilters need to be installed in a proper manner. Not sure what they are? see the list below.

Step 1

The first thing to do would be to plug microfilter into the telephone socket. Master microfilter should be the preference if you are connecting to Sky hub and it is the larger one out of the two microfilters that came with the packaging. Call Sky customer services if you see that these microfilters are absent from the packaging.



If you prefer using your phone and broadband at the same time then a Microfilter allows you to do it through a small box. You will need one Microfilter whenever there is a device plugged into a phone socket, including Sky boxes.

If you need microfilters, contact Sky if you are in the UK and the Republic of Ireland users can call on 0818 762 917. There is a sample picture below although the real one may look a little different but they will be similar in the sense that they will have a phone and a hub port.


Step 2

In order to make your Sky hub connection successful it should be plugged into the Sky hub port on the master microfilter.


Step 3

It would be important to make sure your phone or other devices are connected with the master or the secondary microfilters using the Sky box/phone port.


Check Other Devices in Your Home

Make sure all the devices in your home that are connected to a socket it would be

Check all other phone sockets around your house to see if anything is plugged into them. This could be another telephone or your Sky box.

For each phone socket that has a device connected to it, make sure a microfilter is the first thing plugged into the phone socket.

Phone Setup


Sky Box Setup


Sky Box and Phone Setup


Order more microfilters at Sky here.

Multiple devices can be connected to the phone socket but you will need to use a splitter to do that and Microfilter should be the first thing to be connected to the phone socket.


What’s a Splitter?

In order  to connect more than one device to your phone lines a splitter is used.

Microfilters and Splitters will be needed to be used if more than one device is connected to your phone line.


P.S: Your splitter may differ from the image shown above.


Reboot Your Sky Hub

Step 1

To  reboot your Sky Hub use the On/Off button at the back of your Sky Hub box and which you will see in the sample picture below. Keep the switched off for roughly 30 seconds or so and then turn it on back again.


Step 2

To remove the difficulty in accessing the internet go the device with which you are having problem with.

In order to see if the broadband connection is working then type the web address seen below.



you can now dial sky contact number mentioned in order to have a word with sky customer services team person on urgent basis.

If there is still no connection we move to the next phase.

Check your Sky Router Lights

Step 1

Just look out for the power and internet lights on your Sky Hub box.


Step 2

Select what they look like from the images below

sagem_power_on-4722e0df7d54a07f1c423837aa0550e3Power: On            sagem_internet_on-6d6fb3c0ddd0ef1af97e64420b146220 Internet: On      

Solutions you can Try

You see the lights above then the  solution written  below is applicable

1. Check Other Devices

2.  Check your Wi-fi Settings

3. Change the Wi-fi Channel

4. Check the Programs on your Device

5. Remove Electrical Equipment near your Device

6. Connect with an Ethernet Cable


sagem_power_on-4722e0df7d54a07f1c423837aa0550e3-1Power: On  sagem_internet_off-8a8e82a12a3ac28be415c63e21d77564Internet: Off

Solutions you can Try

 You see the lights above then the  solution written below is applicable

1. This means your issue can not be resolved online.

2. In this contact Sky here.                                                                                                                              

sagem_power_on-4722e0df7d54a07f1c423837aa0550e3-2Power: On sagem_internet_flashing-75695289ec2d62244ca46920f63ee0a0Internet: Flashing Amber

Solutions you can Try

You see the lights above then the  solution written below is applicable

  1. This means your issue can not be resolved online.
  2. In this contact Sky here.                                                                                                                                    

sagem_power_on-4722e0df7d54a07f1c423837aa0550e3-3Power: On  sagem_internet_amber-d1376824ec94940e59451fd94fad1059Internet: Solid Amber

Solutions you can Try

You see the lights above then the  solution written below is applicable

1. Reset your Sky hub to your factory settings.    

Start by holding a blunt object (such as pen) in the small reset button on the back until you see the test lights blinking. Then release the button which could take around 10 seconds. The process for your Sky hub box to be reset may take a few minutes.


2.  Once you reset the Sky hub to your factory settings go to the device you were having problems with and go the browser seen below to if the broadband connection has started working.


You can also try the sky router settings method shown in this sample picture seen below.


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