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Sky Multiscreen – Its Benefits & Cost?

What is Sky Multiroom?

With the Sky Multiscreen feature, you can Watch different Sky TV Channel in every room , the whole family can enjoy their favourite programmes and shows on the Sky tv. It lets the every person of a family to enjoy his or her own show without missing even a single episode. Watch the latest blockbuster movies or latest series in your bedroom while live match in the living room. If you are new to this services, then you might get a free Sky HD Multiscreen box.

Not only Sky Multiscreen customers can watch different sky channels in the different rooms but they can download their favourite shows or movies with Sky Go Extra. They can download their favourite shows or program via WiFi to upto 4 devices (smartphone, laptop or tablet) at the same time and then enjoy later without any internet connection.

Cost of Sky Multiscreen

The cost of Sky Multiscreen depends on whether you are a new customer or an existing Sky tv customer. Checkout the Sky Multiscreen rates given below:

    • New Customers: If you are new to Sky and want to opt this service, then you will have to pay £32  a month. In this deal you will get Sky tv original bundle & free Sky HD Multiscreen box.
  • Existing Customers: If you are an existing Sky tv customer, then you will be charged £12  extra a month per room. In this deal you will get free Sky HD Multiscreen box and a free standard setup.

To know more about Sky Multiscreen feature and the costs, then you can contact Sky customer services team.

Why Get Sky Multiscreen?

For the best viewing experience, you should consider a Sky multiscreen subscription, as it comes with a large range of benefits:

For Big Families

If you are a member of a large family, then Sky multiroom solves this issue as the complete family can enjoy their favourite TV shows, movies and music in the different rooms.

For Kids

If the kids are on holidays and want to catch up their favourite programs without interrupting Ben 10 (Reboot) then Sky multiscreen provided this option.

Difference Between Sky Multiroom and Multiscreen

Sky Multiscreen is an evaluation of multiroom that allows Sky customers to not only watch different programmes from different rooms but also download their favorite Sky programmes with Sky Go Extra. Sky customers can be downloaded programmes through Wi-Fi to up to four devices at a time to their tablets, smartphone or laptop and enjoyed later without internet connection.

Sky Q Mini Box

Sky Q Mini Box is used to view Sky programmes in another room. This Sky Q Mini Box is connected to the main Sky Q Box through Wi-Fi or Ethernet networking.

With Sky Q Mini Boxes you can easily access your main Sky box in any room.  You can watch two TV at the same time with Sky Q 1TB box or three TV at the same time with Sky Q 2TB boxes. You can connect up to four Sky Q Mini boxes wirelessly and so, no need to connect to the dish.

Benefits of Sky Multiscreen are as follows:


You can watch different Sky channels within different rooms of your house. All this at the same time. All the channels you have subscribed are available on all the Sky boxes. Even you can run four Sky+HD boxes or eight Sky Multiscreen boxes from the same dish.


No one can miss even a single show as everyone is now able to access their favourite shows or programmes in their respective rooms.


Depending on your Sky subscriptions, you can even download the latest TV shows, movies and music to your compatible devices.


Now don’t miss even a single match of your favourite premier league, that too in the HD quality.


Every Sky box has its own parental controls, so you can restrict viewing on one box without affecting the other boxes.

How to Set-up Parental Control on your Sky TV

With PIN Protected Parent Control, you can restrict the channels and programmes that can be viewed on your Sky TV.

To set-up parental control, you will require

  • Your Sky TV PIN.
  • Your Sky box is connected to your broadband network or a phone line.

How to Block the Channels?

If you want to block one or more channels, follow the below steps:

  • Press Services on your Sky Remote.
  • Highlight the Parental Control and PIN and then click on the Select button.
  • Now enter your Sky TV PIN.
  • List of all the Sky channels will be displayed. Highlight the channels and then press Select.
  • Highlight the channels you want to block by arrow button or by entering the channel number and then press Yellow button to block the channel at all times of the day or Press Blue button to block the channel only after 9 pm. Press the Blue and Yellow buttons to turn off the blocks.
  • Press the Green button to save the settings.
  • If you try to view the blocked channels then the blue screen will be displayed.

To know more about sky multiroom, you can also consult or take advice by calling sky contact number available here and get your questions answered.

What Do I Need For Sky Multiscreen?

To enjoy the Sky multiscreen, every TV in your home requires its own Sky box and all these are connected to the same phone line. Also, make sure that all your Sky boxes are connected to the broadband network.

Sky Box Office and Sky Store

Sky Box Office events and Sky Store rentals can only be viewed on your Sky box if they were ordered. If you want to look on another Sky box, you’d required to order and pay for them again on that other Sky box.

Sky Viewing Card

If you are looking to use an old viewing card on your new Sky box, then you will require to activate the viewing card again.

Things Needed for Sky Multiscreen Installation

  • In order to access Sky Multiscreen services, each tv in your house requires a its own Sky box. All the Sky boxes must be connected to the same phone lines.

  • If you have activated your Sky Viewing card after the year 2013, then you will not require any phone line. Make sure that all your Sky boxes are connected to your home broadband network.

  • You can connect up to four Sky+HD boxes and up to eight Sky Multiscreen boxes on the same dish.
  • If you would like to use an old Sky Viewing card for your Sky Multiscreen box, then you will need to activate your old Sky Viewing card again in order to pair it up with the new Sky box.

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