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How To Update Sky HD Box Software?

From time to time, Sky updates the software of their Sky Boxes, the main reason of these updates to add new exciting features to your Sky box and make changes as well as improvements to the look and functionality of the Sky Guide. These software updates also contain the bug fixes for problems picked up by testing and client feedback so as to enhance the usability and stability of your Sky box. All the Sky boxes receive their software updates through satellite dish from a variety of different Satellite streams. There are mainly two kinds of update stream – forced update streams and automatic update streams. Read Also: Sky Multiscreen – Its Benefits & Cost?

What Are Forced Update Streams?

Forced Update Streams are also called DR Streams. In DR Streams, your Sky box PULLS the software from when you are performing a forced update.

What Are Automatic Update Streams?

Automatic Update Streams are utilized by Sky to PUSH the software update to your Sky box in order to update it automatically. Sky will updates their software automatically during the night when your Sky HD box connected to the satellite dish. Sky releases the software updates to compatible boxes over a period of 3 to 4 months. Sky customers can easily check the release of a software your Sky HD box is running by going through – Services > Settings > System Details > Model Number. Note – Do not unplug your Sky box or satellite dish from the main supply during the software update. It may cause permanent damage of your Sky box or your Sky box rendered unusable. Read Also: Fix Sky Viewing Card Problem Most Commonly Asked Sky HD Box Update Questions-
How To Manually Update Sky Hd Box To Latest Software? How To Force A Sky Software Upgrade? How To Do A System Software Update On All Sky Boxes? How Do I Update My Sky Hd Box Software?
You can update your Sky+HD box software by following the steps mentioned below:


Power off your Sky+HD box by unplugging it from the mains.
Update Sky Hd Box To Latest Software


Turn off other devices which are connected to the box either by unplugging from the mains or switching them “off”.


Confirm if the Sky+ HD box and other connected devices are turned “off”.


On the top panel of the box, press and hold the “backup” button. You may also get in touch with sky customer services over phone to discuss the issue further with their technical engineer.
manually update sky hd box to latest software


You have to keep on pressing the “backup” button.


Replug the Sky+HD box to the mains and continue holding the “backup” button.


Continue pressing and holding the “backup” button for up to thirty seconds until all the four lights on the front panel of the box are illuminated.
force sky software upgrade


Now release the “backup” button and the box will go into the “download” mode.


If you can’t see the light illuminated after thirty seconds, repeat the above steps.


Reconnect other connected devices with your Sky+HD box and turn them “ON”.
system software update on sky box


You will get an onscreen message “Updating System Software” on your TV.
how to update sky hd box,


The download will take up to 10 minutes to complete. You cannot use the box while the software is downloading.


After the software has been downloaded, the box will switch “off” automatically and the single red light will be illuminated.


After three minutes, press the “sky” button on the remote to switch  “on” the Sky+HD box. A green light will be illuminated on the front panel of the box. If you are unable to update Sky HD box, then no need to worry anymore. Just call to the Sky telephone number0844 385 1222. Your call will be directly connected to the Sky technical support team of customer services department.

How Long Does A Sky HD Box Take To Update?

The software takes up to 10 minutes to complete the downloading process. During the downloading process, you are not able to use your Sky HD box.

How Do You Reset A Sky HD Box?

Resetting Sky HD Box is very simple. Just follow the below instructions to reset your Sky HD box.
  • At the front of your Sky HD box, press and hold down the reset button located behind the My Sky panel.
  • Hold the reset button down until all the lights appear on the Sky HD box and then release.
  • All the lights of your box will turn off and the box will go through a reboot mode.
  • The reboot process should take approximately 40-60 seconds and will return back to the channel you last viewed.
If the above process does not work, unplug the Sky HD box from the main power. After that, the lights on the front of your Sky HD box will switch off.
  • Wait for at least one minute.
  • Check all the wires of your Sky HD box are plugged properly.
  • Plug your Sky HD box back into the main power.
  • Your Sky HD box may take up to one minute to switch back on.
Contact Sky customer service representative if you need more information about Sky HD services. Simply ring on the Sky contact number listed here: 0844 385 1222.

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