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What to Do When You Are Not Able To Connect To Sky on Xbox 360?

In case you’re seeing an error message and experiencing issues signing in or you are not able to connect Sky when watching Sky TV on your Xbox 360. Please follow the step-by-step information

Step 1:

Check your Broadband Connection: If you are seeing the error message “not possible to connect to sky”when watching Sky TV on Xbox 360, things to be considered– you must first check your web broadband connection on your gadget or on an alternate devices and do the needful in like manner.

Step 2:

Verify Service Status: On the off chance that you can get to the web on an alternate device, you should then check the Service Status to check whether there are any issues with the Sky Go service. If there are issues listed, Sky engineers will be taking a shot at resolving the issue, so you must to attempt again soon. Make sure that there are no issues are listed in Service Status; try shutting and re-opening Sky TV on your Xbox.

Step 3:

  • Go to Video Marketplace by signing in to Xbox Live.
  • Now, press to select the highlighted Sky tab.
  • Go for the preferred storage location which will be your hard drive on Xbox 360.
  • Highlight and select Download again and press to launch Sky, once the download completes.
  • Select Download Now to install the update if prompted to do so.

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